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Post Newbie questions

I have kinda checked around on the net about TMJ, and have been exploring some of the 'symptoms' that appear... but I figure no one better to ask than those that suffer, and or have dealt with it.

Since this past weekend (approx 3 days) I have been unable to open my mouth more than 1/4", this is the first symtoms that have appeared, my wife does tell me I grind my teeth in my sleep (which I am reading can cause TMJ)... not severe pain (most of the time) associated with opening the mouth, just can't do it, feel constant pressure down on it... before this the only problems were that I was having problems with my wisdom teeth (which appear to be pushing all the rest forward)... anyway, just wonder what a newbie should do / go to, to get the most information on this, and or what the best preventative measures are, for my kids.
Going to the dentist Wednesday...

PS: Still reading through some of the older threads, also came across the diagnoses that this may only be an infected tooth... here's to hoping.

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