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Unhappy Meth Addict in my family, Please Help

Hello, I am writing this with a very heavy heart. My brother confessed to me that he was addicted to methamphetamine. He says that he should slow down and not take so much, and I told him he needs to stop altogether. He's 38 years old and lives at home with my mother whom herself is addicted to pain medication that she has been taking for years from a prior back injury. She has had a recent revelation that she wants to get her life back and stop taking pills altogether and she has been off of them for about a week. She is doing extremely well so far, I keep praying for her. My brother hasn't had a steady job in about 8 years and hasn't worked at all in 2 years, he claims that he has to take care of my mother and now that my mom is trying to get her life straight, she is not so dependant on him and she wants him to get a job, but he always has an excuse as to why he doesn't go to work. He's involved in dealing this poison as well and he gets the drugs free for the selling that he does. My brother was fourteen when he first used meth, and in a ten year span I was the object of his obsession while he was on the drugs. I was sexually molested by my brother from the time I was eight until I was eighteen. I could hate him, but I chose to forgive him, now that he is back on drugs, he's displaying the same behavior once again, only this time he has crossed the line, he was behaving inappropriatley in front of my daughter. I have such guilt of letting her go to my moms and her going through that. I warned her of what he had done to me when I was growing up and that if he ever even acts funny towards her to tell me and I thank God that she did. I am keeping him totally away from her and myself. I am however trying to get him help through our counselor at Church. He hasn't been able to function at all for the past 8 years since his marriage ended. He has two girls 12, and 14 and I am afraid of what he might have done to them, the 12 year old is very clingy and the 14 year old hates him. I called cps about 5 years ago to have them check into it, but they did nothing. He denies doing anything inappropriate in front of my daughter, but my daughter was very upset that he even denied it, she's 10 and doesn't understand why he is lying. Somebody please help me I am totally out of options, I told my mom if he doesn't get help she needs to put him out of the house, he steals from her, takes her car and stays gone all night and day, and worries her to death, she's afraid of what might happen to him if she puts him out, I am afraid of what might happen if she doesn't. Am I wrong? I don't know what to do. She says she could never put one of her children out. I told my mom about the sexual abuse when I was 14 years old and she didn't make him stop, or get him help. I feel like she chose him over me then, and I feel like she is doing the same thing with my daughter. I need some advice, I don't know what to do? Somebody please help. Stacy

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