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Post TMJ with no pain? is it possible?

Im new to this subject, but am curious to get some feedback. I am a teeth grinder. The only sensations I really ever get is my teeth will feel a little agitated from grinding all night. Once in awhile I'll get a slight clicking sound in my jaw on one side. I do get popping sounds in my ears all the time when Im messing with opening my jaw and such. I also am suffering from somewhat of an inner ear problem (supposedly), with off balance dizzyish probs. It feels like one side of my jaw is more loose than the other which is the same side coincidentally is the same side I always feel like my ears needs to pop and gets itchy sometimes and so forth.(the right side) What Im wondering is I dont notice any real jaw pain but I do get tension in my head muscles. Can this possibly be TMJD even though the symptoms dont seem as serious as what Ive read here? I appreciate any responses. Just trying to get a handle on all this. I have extreme anxiety and depression over all this as well. thanks all. -fighter-

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