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Actually I saw a urologist last year when they first noticed I had this blood in urine thing popped up. He did a visual examination of my bladder. It looked normal. I also had a kidney ultrasound done too, this was normal. But I don't think they ever checked for cancer cells. The nurse in the office said sometimes this does occur when people have benign (idiopathic) blood in urine. So, I went on my merry way.

But my pcp in this years annual physical said I still had the blood in urine. And because I have been having pain under my right rib cage, did a battery of tests on me. All tests normal (WBC, CBC, BUN, kidney function, liver function). I also had a complete abdominal ultrasound (kidneys, liver, pancreas and gallbladder) done. This too had no problems and showed all normal. My doctor thinks I have a "slipped rib" syndrome as the cause of the pain.

But she is concerned that I still have blood in urine and I am supposed to go back for another urinalisys in three months. Should I ask them to check for cancer cells?