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Post Is this a UTI or something else????????

Hi, I was wondering what are symptoms of uti's? Every month either right before or right after my period, I get this burning pain when I pee. It doesn't burn where the pee comes out but it burns on the skin between the pee hole and anus. Sorry to be so graphic, but couldn't explain it any other way. It last about a week everytime, and I just feel so yucky and raw the whole week. I take about 3 baths a day during that week, because of the way I feel. I constantly have urine dribble out when I walk, sneeze, cough ect. I have to wear pads all month long. I also feel like I'm having contractions and I'm not pregnant. Sometimes it even feels like I'm sitting on a golf ball. Please respond if anyone can help. thanks Becky

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