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Post can you share your symptoms of kidney stones?

I have been having quite a time with UTI's and just recently visited a urologist. He is doing some testing and thinks I may have kidney stones and also looking for some type of reflux. I am curious as to what type of symtpoms others have with kidney stones. I have been having lower back pain, flank pain which radiates down the left side and into my hip and upper leg area, when this hits it is very uncomfortable and can't sit for any period of time. At times I have a stabbing feeling in the upper part of my back but it doesn't last for long, just comes and goes. I seem to have this flank pain daily now and the pain in my hip and upper leg. I also have this bubble bulging type thing along the part of your body where the groin and upper thigh meet, the part that bends. I can't really describe it as it just seems to be a bulge of some type, not tender or anything, just there. I haven't asked my doctor about it as I didn't think much about it but now am beginning to wonder if it doesn't have some connection to my problems. I had a CT done today, an IVP last week and will find out what the doctor thinks next week. In the meantime, hope someone shares there symptoms with me. Thanks!


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