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Began with overall feeling of not being well-- nausea, crampy, just not well. Pain began in side/flank. Hurt worse when I sat down. Radiating, searing pain that rapidly got worse. I thought I was okay to drive to school, thought I would get better (had no idea what was wrong, dad is a doctor, told me I had the flu!). Wrong!

The absolute worst pain I have ever been in. Nausea and horrible back and side pain. I turned around in my car and drove the whole way home screaming at the top of my lungs and running stop signs. My parents drove me to the ER, where I immediately passed it. The whole way there I was doing lamaze breathing-- I couldn't believe I had not passed out! Right after passing it I can remember rocking back and forth, side to side, unable to control my movement. They told me that was common for people passing stones.

It was the only one I have had so far, and unlike some, mine came on suddenly and was very intense but the whole episode lasted maybe an hour. My cousin has them and she'll be in pain, but it is manageable with drugs and the stones will stay for days and days before passing.