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hello ..youre suffering from the same symptoms as i am..if you'd read the post titled "question for women" this might give you some insight...i've posted several other times..cant exactly remember the titles but you can look for posts from "ds4832" symptoms have been going on since late february/early march..and i'm still dealing with it..i'm under the care of a urologist, which so far isnt helping..i've had an IVP (negative except for a small stone in kidney) and a cystoscope (showed mild irritation in bladder) done with a complete cytology report, plus numerous urine next step is going to be from my GYN next week..i need and want answers...i fully understand how insane the constant feeling of having to urinate can make someone..i'm right there with you....keep pressing your dr's for answers..eventually you'll be disgnosed and treated accordingly--thats what i keep telling myself........question--did your symptoms come on you suddenly?..mine showed up day i was fine, next day i was miserable and have been since....good luck and keep posting.... ..diana