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Morning everyone!

How was the weekend?? Did we all do well? As we begin the new week, let's remember why we're here! To reach our goals, no matter what, by Thanksgiving. One bad day here or there is ok...even a real bad day! hahaha But Monday's mean back to the ol' routine, and back to the diets! We can do it...just think of all the cute fall/winter clothes we will be wearing by thanksgiving! I go through the JCPenny's Fall catalog every day, just to stay on track! I'm telling you, it works! hahaha
Well guys, I just finished my first tae bo session of the I gotta jump in the shower and get to work. More tae bo tonight. Keep me updated on your progress, it's a great motivator to read about your successes!
With Love,
PS Shel are you still around or did you leave for your cruise?