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ha ha, well I didn't even *try* this weekend. We were so busy getting ready for our trip (leaving Thursday), that I ate a lot of no-no foods. Well I was skipping dinner every night cuz I did so bad during the days. I also made lots of cookies because we had a huge italian dinner at a friends house, and I caught myself binging on them when hubby wasn't looking!! lol.

btw, JoJo and AP, you guys were so silly last night

Autumn, I leave Thursday morning, driving to Florida with one other couple (the other 4 are flying). Spending Friday in Florida and boarding the cruise ship Saturday afternoon.

Looks like there is one hurricane forming out to the southeast of Florida, hopefully it stays out there!! Also looks like FL is going to have rain both days we are there!! But then we are off to Key West, Belize, and Mexico (Cozumel and Merida) .

I decided I am going to enjoy this trip even though I am no where's near goal and kinda broke, lol. I just can't believe that I gained back 10 of the 30 lbs I lost!! I don't know where my motivation went to in the last few months.

But when I get back I think I'll be doing the South Beach Diet with my Mom, she's starting it today

I hope everyone has a great day

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