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the lady next to me at detox had a nictotine patch on and she was pretty much ok for the whole 7 days. try it, it has helped a lot of people I know quit, but the habit makes them start up again. I asked my boyfriend if he had physical withdrawals or just cravings and he said just cravings, so I didnt have much sympathy for him. I quit crack, talk about cravings. You just have to really want it. believe me, you will need your lungs one day. my dear dad died unexpecdely, he was healthy when he walked it to have a serious surgery and fully expected to walk out in 10 days and he got pneumonia, ARDS and died. it broke my heart. if his lungs were healthy he would still be alive. when you are old, you will need your lungs. I work in a hospital, on a cardiac floor, and 99% of the people cant breathe for breathing diseases like chf or copd. you dont want that, i'm telling you. copd killed my mom. smoking killed both my parents. stop now before your children mourn for you. I'm sobbing now.

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