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Post CLA: liquid or pill, is one better?

My sister just started taking CLA because of what I've read on this board & what she's read elsewhere, and now I'm thinking about giving it a try. I was going to wait to see what she thought of it, but what the heck - why wait?

Anyway, I went to GNC yesterday. They had two types - one was a pill, one was a bottle of liquid. The pills were by the company Tonalin, which I know some of you have recommended. Can't remember the name of them, though. The bottle was grey colored, I think (does that sound like the right one?) but I didn't see any mention of sunflower or safflower oil. Some of you have mentioned that this brand uses safflower oil - did you call the company to find out, or was it mentioned on the bottle?

I didn't look closely at the liquid form. But do you think there would be any reason that one would be better than the other, assuming I get the same # of mg's per day, and both use safflower oil? I didn't know if there would be some added benefit to one or the other, pills or liquid.

Thanks for your help!

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