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Just so you know, the GNC liquid CLA has soy in it. I am only mentioning this because there are alot of people who can't have soy due to allergies or thyroid problems. There is another liquid Tonalin called THINFAT that I just ordered & received from on the internet.The only ingredients are CLA and lemon (I called the manufacturer to make sure). Also this one, you only have to take 1 spoon 1 time a day and has 30 servings. The GNC has only 23 servings and you need to take 4 tsps. 3 times a day.It sounds expensive.

As for which is better, it depends on what your needs are. Me, I can't swallow pills, so the liquid will work for me.

So Today is my first day. My fiance has been taking Tonalin for about 3 weeks and he has seen results, he feels he is getting more toned and is losing some inches on his waist.

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