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Originally posted by chipmunkis:
I am SO excited I can't stand it!!!! At the beginning of the summer, I bought a really cute pair of shorts without trying them on because they were a size 12 which is what I normally wear (I have some stuff in 14's but most is 12's). When I finally tried them on, they did NOT fit- I could pull them up, but couldn't zip or button them. I decided to keep them as an incentive to lose weight, went on a whole exercise but eat a gazillion carbs thing... and lost NOTHING. So all summer long these shorts have sat in my drawer. Every now and then I would try them on, but they still didn't fit.
Here's the WooHoo part I just tried them on after eating lunch (a huge salad consisting of lettuce, cukes, celery, cheese, pork chop, and ceaser dressing)
and guess what??? I CAN DO THEM UP!!!! Now, granted, I wouldn't be caught dead in them outside the house, got some work to do before they look good, but I'm getting there!!!! WOO HOO!!!