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WOW, Autumn.... You've gone from a 14 to an 8???? I am SO impressed! I sure hope that I can stick to Atkins and get back on track with my workout routine. It's 3 days on, one day off: aerobics and crunches all 3 days, and weights 2 of the days, then I take a day off to allow my muscles to recuperate, then back to the 3 on. I would SO like to be a size 8 again (I was a size SIX 6 yrs ago, then I got pg with twins, had a miscarraige then had my son) I haven't come close since. For a long time I really didn't care if I was getting fat, too much stuff going on medically with my son, so I put myself on the bottom of my "priorities" list. Now I am thinking it's time for ME!!!
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