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The next few days will be rough, physically and emotionally, but keep reminding yourself that this will pass, and then you will looking at a good clean life to work ahead of you. I think it's great that you don't have any more pills...of course you're not thinking that right now when you are starting to feel like sh**, but you are now at the crossroads and without the pills, you are forced to face up and go through the hard stuff to get to the other side.
We are all here for you, god knows we have been through it and I know you can do. Just keep the resolve to NOT take any more pills, no matter how badly you feel, because that will set you back.
Keep focused on how in a weeks time, you will feel so much better, and you will be able to say that you have a full week clean!
Congratulations...can't wait to hear from you in a week's time saying how good you finally feel!
Pleas keep checking in and letting us know how you are doing, and again, keep reminding yourself that this will pass, and it WILL get better.
We're all here for you!