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The immodium should help...I'm not certain what the "max" dose is, but I'm fairly sure that you can take a dose every hour or so until the symptoms subside. Check the box to make sure that i'm not leading you wrong, although at this point, too much immodium is not a big deal!
The Soma and pheno should be helpful in terms of calming you down at bedtime, and staving off some of those horrible restless leg syndome stuff and jitteriness. If you can get some sleep, that will definitely help. Plus, it passes time.
I never had much success with the clonidine, but others have said that it worked wonders in terms of reducing the jitteriness, and restless leg syndrome symptoms, so I would try it and see if it helps.

This may sound silly at this point, but if you can get out and do anything active, even a walk around the block, that will help. Aside from killing more time and taking your mind off of the nastiness you are feeling, exercise helps our natural opiates, endorphins, to begin kicking back in. I remember getting so frustrated with not being able to lie still, not being able to sleep, and just not being able to be still and relaxed at all. And exercise totally helped that. Definitely worth a try!
Again, I am so proud of you for embarking on this. It is hard first step, and an uncomfortable one, but it is so important to begin to break the addiction cycle. And from someone who has been through it, and I am sure the others on here will agree, it DOES get better and you will be so proud of yourself when you reach the other side.
You are strong and competent and you can do this! Whatever you do, don't give up now. You are at such an important part of your life, and it really can be the start of something wonderful and new, and a freedom from all of the crap that I'm sure you were dealing with before.
Whatever makes you feel better during this time (except using!) DO it! This is your time to focus on you and pamper yourself as much as you can, and never forgot that what you are doing is a hard thing and you should compliment yourself hourly for your resolve.