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Question Strep or not?

Yesterday in my 8th period class I suddenly noticed my throat hurt. Then 10 minutes later it was like "man...this really hurts". I started taking trimox right away. My throat is red (duh) with red streaks that I can see in it. The medicine is just starting to kick in, my throat is feeling a tad better but I feel aweful. My voice is going and I feel like I could throw up at any minute, I haven't been coughing much at all though. Is this the run of the mill cold or strep? My mom was sort of alerted when I told her about the streaks in my throat.

My brother recently had a sore throat and a terrible cough, at first I thought I cought it from him but it's not the same symptoms, he had a real deep, mucus like cough.

Is strep contagious btw? I mean I HAVE to go to school monday, my college is visiting my HS and the fall play cast is being announced (say a prayer I get in!)
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