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Blue, I've just had another thought. I did an on line test for personality disorders, and I did come up quite high for BPD, although I was at the time reading some of the messages on another bb, and a lot of the people there who had depression scored high for borderline disorder, avoidant disorder, dependent disorder, and probably some others... I have also read that the PD's do overlap quite a bit... so if you want to, do post back, and I hope that I can help a bit... I'm only writing this additional message in case my original message sounded a bit offputting, although I don't expect it did (not that much anyway (lol)

love and hugs

Hope you're feeling a bit better...thinking of you, Blue

I certainly don't think that you are just your disorder, you're a wonderful caring person, and I'm sure that you will get through this (even though it might not sometimes feel that way when you are feeling particularly bad)

I also have sometimes felt that I didn't know where to start with working on my problems, and sometimes I still do feel that way. But the only thing to do, I guess, is to break down the really bad times into getting through the day hour by hour, and minute by minute, and going from there...

You've taught me a lot already, Blue, although we haven't known each other long. We can help each other get through this. And so can all the others on the boards...

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