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Question Help with female ejaculation

Only in the past year have I learned that females can expel ejaculation. I find this INCREDIBLY interesting and erotic, and I would LOVE to be able to do it. I have read that g-spot stimulation is what causes ejaculation, and even with my g-spot being stimulated, I still have not been able to do it. As soon as I try and "push it out" I lose the orgasm I'm having from pushing so hard and nothing ever comes out. I DID do an experiment one day involving vitamins. The high potency vitamins I take from the health food store turn my urine electric, highlighter yellow, and about 6 hours before sex, I took them. Before sex, I urinated bright yellow. After amazing, mind-blowing sex where I orgasmed numerous, numerous times, I went and sat on the toilet, feeling like I had to pee. Urinating, I felt an intense rush, tingling, and feeling of relief. I peed longer than I ever have before, and when I looked in the toilet, sure enough, it was clear, as female ejaculate would be. Obviously, if it was urine, it would have been yellow from the vitamins, like it was right before sex. My question is: Should I give up trying to ejaculate during the sexual act? Is it just impossible to me, personally, to ejaculate DURING the act? I would love to hear some stories/experiences of how you are able to ejaculate if you are a female, or guys stories of how their women do it. Thanks so much.

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