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Solstice, NO, don't give up trying, just don't pressure yourself to that end. You said you try to push it out, by doing that, you are focusing on that result as the be all and end all of the sexual experience of the moment. First, it's been said not every woman can experience ejaculation, I'm not sure I buy that. I think it is a matter of conditioning, practice and experience. Second, it isn't going to happen so long as your are trying so hard to make it happen. Ever hear the saying the watched pot never boils? Just relax, explore, have fun, feel good, let what happens happen. Keep some towels around. Ejaculate isn't always clear, it has different appearances from one woman to another. I also think that g-spot stimulation alone won't do it, I think that a blended orgasm, clitoral and g-spot, will get you where you want to go. Again, time and practice shall tell! Good luck, and keep at it.