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Originally Posted by bernard69
does your private have an odor other than normal because if it does then you have a bacterial/fungal infection but don't worry you can get rid of it by going to the closet pharmacy to you and buy the cream it's in a box with a tube of cream and a plastic applicater to puch the cream up your vagina kinda looks like a long tampax type thing but you'll feel better in 1-3 day but don't stop using it until it's gone you'll feel 100% better but don't stop until you completly get rid of it don't want it to come back it should be by all the femine products ok good luck and get better
Thanks , but I the thing is I have already tried all these cremes that are otc ( and some prescribed) and I am inquiring on how to go about getting the boric acid. I think this may be the only thing that will help me. I have had this problem for five months and nothing is working! I am sure it is yeast even though the cultures come out negative. So this boric acid is pretty much my last resort! I went to Walgreens and they pointed at some bug spray boric acid. I refrained from purchasing it , as I do not think this is the one I am supposed to get for my infection.