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Originally Posted by lil'momma
I have been trying out different bottles to use, what bottles are you guys using? Can anyone recommend a good one to use? Also which is best to use , the hard bottles or the ones that take liners? and finally does anyone know of a good type of bottle warmer to buy?
I'm currently using the Pigeon Peralstaltic bottles. They are a hard plastic, wide-teated bottle whos teats are meant to produce the same sucking action (or close to) as that produced when breastfeeding. I have found them fantastic! You can buy them at any chemist here in Australia. You can read about them here [removed]

As for heating bottles, i just use the old standing in a saucepan of boiling water technique. This way i know the vitamins in the formula are not killed as they can in a microwave. The electric warmers look good, but i think they can be expensive.

Hope that helps

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