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Originally Posted by Natalia19
I'm 18 and I've had crossed eyes (strabismus) my whole life. Yesterday a friend told me that I can't get fired from my job because I have a disability. I was like, no I don't! And I had a big argument.

I don't see how its a disability if I can see good without glasses. Both of my eyes have good vision. Its just that because my eyes cross so much my brain ignores the eye that I am not focusing with. If I look to my right, my left eye will cross and if I look to my left, my right eye will cross in. If I focus straight ahead with one eye, the other eye crosses. Basically I use both eyes, just not at once.

Does this make me disabled?? I think people underestimate my vision because of my condition. They look at my eyes and assume I can't see. I might just be because my eyes are severely crossed, which is less common than slightly crossed eyes.

So are crossed eyes a disability?
NOPE. It's not a disability unless it interfers with your ability.

What your friend is referring to is probably the laws against discrimination. If your employer fires you simply and only because you are cross eyed and no other reason you could sue that employer for discrimination.
In order to sue for discrimination you would have to prove the boss fired you ONLY because you are cross eyed and not for any reason associtated with your ability to do the job.
It would have nothing to do with disability but rather have everything to do with being discriminated against.

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