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Originally Posted by bonita1
My husband is particpating in this study. Taking the pills in advance has made it more of a scheduled task than something that just happens from time to time.

Someone on here was asking about the side effects. Check out * for a good list at the bottom of the page.

If you are on the placebo, they will give you the SSRI at the end to try so it may not be a total loss.

Thanks so much for the posts. It's very interesting. Bonita, would you mind posting comments about how it's going or whatever you want to post about the drug and/or the experience? I have questions like...How is this drug different from taking Paxil or Zoloft for PE? I've tried both and they seem to be "hit and miss". Sometimes working well and othertimes not. Since this drug is said to be marketed FOR P.E., how (if at all) is it chemically different than other SSRI's? Very curious? I feel like the best treatment of P.E., and after almost 8 years of worrying about and dealing with this I think I am somewhat qualified, is Viagra. I am 25 and I can pull out and resume immediately with a strong erection. I can literally go as long as I want, having 2,3,4 orgasms. But, Viagra is not cheap. So...something else to try would be great.