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Hemorrhoid/ Polyp

Originally Posted by lilmama
Hi all. I am glad I found this board. I have had for last 2 years what I thought was a hemorrhoid (as I was told so many times by my ob/gyn throughout my pregnancy and post partum). Anyway a new gyno I went to told me to see a rectal doc b/c she thought it was a polyp.

I saw a doc today. I am confused by what it is exactly but didnt want to look dumb by having him clarify over and over. He did say he was 99.999999 percent certain it was not cancerous,but merely an overgrown skin tag caused at one point by a hemorhoid. I THINK that is what he meant but I was so stressed at the time and upset.
He suggested surgery to remove it and a lab would do pathology on it but made it seem like no big deal and not an immediate emergency or anything. Has anyone heard of this, a large skin tag that is flesh colored and looks like a hemorrohoid ,it protrudes from anal opening and is on a stem like thing?and if so do you also agree it is most likely not malignant? ( i have family history of CC so am a bit concerned it's not something more).
This is not anything to fool with. Recently my step-daughter had something very similar. She had some bleeding with it. First she was told it was a Fissure and when things persisted she had a Colonoscopy. At this time the Dr. missed the Polyp. It continued to bother and she could also see it popping out so with continued persistance it was found out and removed. The Dr. was sure it wasn't malignant because she was so young (36) but it turned out to be cancerous. This took from June- Oct. So I would have it checked out for sure. She had no cancer in the family and was very healthy so anything is possible. Good Luck, Kat