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Re: DIAGNOSIS: Ligament Rupture--Help

Why are you "not" a candidate for surgery? After going from MD to MD, chiropractors, accupuncture, pain management,etc. I referred myself to a spine doctor. My back couldn't take anymore and neither could I. A month later I had a fusion. I guess you could say I was screaming for relief. Down on my knees to get out of bed and 15 minutes or so to get off the floor. It was horrible with electric shock pain. My disc had torn and healed over so many times that it was calcified when the doctor took it out in pieces. Tears are painful in that the center of the disc leaks acid type "crap" that irritates the nerves.
What you should avoid is things that cause your back to flare up. If it hurts, don't do it. My opinion of steroid shots is that they are temporary and mask the real cause of pain. Depending on how bad your back pain is and if it is tolerable or not, that would be the deciding factor for surgery. Instability and herniated discs usually point to fusion but if you are not a candidate, I don't know. I feel for you, back pain sucks!
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