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Re: Anyones knees hurt like this????

Originally Posted by Sonsa
I was just wondering if anyone else had a problem with their knees hurting only when laying down or when they are asleep. I walk alot and have no problem with my knees except during the night and early in the morning, I wake up because they ache, mainly on both sides of the kneecap. I have tried creams for arthritis but it dosen't seem to work. Anyone have this problem too??
I don't know what your X-rays show but from my own experience I can tell you that the ache/pain mainly on both sides of the kneecap may not be your bones hurting, but rather the muscles (ect) on each side. I have arthritis in both knees and it has caused the bones of both knees to become misaligned. So on busy days its a lot of work and extra pressure, (from the misalignment), on the muscles on the sides of these knees. Aspercream helps, heating pads in the evening help but I also find an elastic sports knee brace helps the most of all since it gives additional support and therefore relieves those muscles of so much strain. I hope you find your problem and get relief.

I do agree that glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate do help somewhat with the actual joint pains. Some people do not get any relief from this and they should try adding MSM.. (which is a form of sulfer) The body can't make use glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate if there is a lack of sulfer in the system. Then there are also people who get no relief from it even after MSM is added. It does help my pain. It also gives me some of the world's worst bad hair days and my nails break much easier! One possible side effect to be aware of is that it can change your hair and nails a bit. ArthX brand actually changed the natural part in my hair to the opposite side! The hair wanted to stand straight up and wave off into odd directions. I switched to Schiff's Move Free and the part when back where it belonged. Thank goodness!

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