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Yeah, I tend to have trouble here year-round, but my problem in winter tends to be sinus problems from the cold, dry weather. This is only the third year I've lived in Minneapolis -- the first year, I was fine, last year was miserable, and this year, I have the worst allergies I've ever had or can imagine. I'm allergic to almost everything -- cigarette smoke is the worst (do you know of ANY non-smoking bars in the Twin Cities? It drives me crazy!! Duluth, at least, is going in the right direction now!), but any kind of pollens, molds, dogs, cats, etc. bother me. So.. basically.. if you can be allergic to it, I am. :-) I have lived in several places, and there's no question that some have been significantly better than others -- nowhere is perfect, but there is a huge difference between places I find.