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ogopogo...have you tried Zyrtec? I imagine you have but you didn't mention it. Just wanted to say, it's worked well for me for almost 2 years now. I have the same problem...allergies all year round, inside or out. I know it's dust, but I don't know what kind of pollen. I took Allegra & got the side effects, took Claritan and it stopped working after a short while. Oh..and it's supposed to be the 'cheap'est of those three. Thought I'd pass it on.

P.S. for anyone who sufferes from chronic sinus infections and is fed up with antibiotics... I just irrigated the heck out of my sinuses for the first time today and I can actually feel that cool, empty feeling in my maxillary sinus! You know, the opposite of that 'solid' feeling. If that makes sense. Anyway..was told how to do it by someone who's been clear of infection for two years. So I'll keep people posted on how it works for me, if anyone's interested. Feel free to email me to ask questions or just to rant!!