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Oh wow! I forgot I'd posted that! And I'm glad to see it was on the first day I tried irrigating! So now, nearly two months later I can say it is ABSOLUTELY worth the effort!! I haven't had any sign of infection that didn't go away after irrigating since the day I posted that! I didn't try it years ago because I thought it was too simple a solution for my huge problem. You name the allergy/sinus symptom, I had it. 24 hours a day. I was in constant pain and had just about rubbed the skin off my nose. I'll probably irrigate until I'm dead!! I'm a dancer so it's not good for me to have the sinuses/ears gunked up either. Kills balance. And do you know...I haven't trained hard since surgery(April 2000) but I've recently started back and I feel stronger now and more balanced than I ever have!
I hope it works for you! It's awfully cheap, too. Can't beat that!!

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