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Natopheli -- as far as the irrigation, I have this "irrigator" that kind of looks like a flower watering pot if you ask me.. it's supposed to be designed for sinus irrigation. Basically, you pour it in one nostril and it's supposed to flow out the other.. it's the flowing out the other that won't work. It seems to get blocked before that. I've had a CT scan, and I don't have polyps or anything that abonormal other than a recurring sinusitis that will go away, but come back soon after. I haven't tried half of the Zyrtec.. one other thing that might help is taking it at night instead of the morning.. perhaps the drowsiness would wear off? Maybe wishful thinking, I don't know! I've tried Rhinocort AQ.. it didn't do much for me. When I was living in Colorado and Nebraska, Beconase (this was before Flonase, Rhinocort, Nasonex came out) basically cured my seasonal allergies. But here in the jungles of Minnesota (trees and weeds everywhere!), nothing has helped -- I even got a prescription for Beconase, even though it's the "last generation" of nasal sprays, just to see if it would help... it did nothing. I'm starting to realize for people with bad mold allergies, the West may be the place to be. Plus the smoke-free indoor air of California is big for me.. my worst allergy is cigarette smoke.

Turboboysmom.. have you figured out what he's allergic to? What differences do you notice in the terrain there from Florida, in terms of types of trees, weeds, etc? Also... just thinking here, but are you on a lot with a lot of trees? Our house in Minnesota is buried in trees.. not good for pollen or leaf mold at all. We need snow!! I mean, it's Thanksgiving in Minnesota, and we're walking around without jackets, unbelievable! :-) Good luck.. I know what that is like (being sick all the time), it's not fun.

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