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Re: DIAGNOSIS: Ligament Rupture--Help

What type of pain do you have if it is not nerve related? Why do they say you are not a candidate for surgery? I have had two fusions, (so far) My back is a mess due to a bad car wreck. I think what they fixed did fine but more discs are herniated and causing me problems. The L4 disc was bulging when they did the first fusion on L5. The pressure caused L4 to totally rupture which resulted in another fusion two years later. I just had the last surgery 11 months ago. The L3 has a fissure but no symptoms, from T10 To L1 are all herniated. These are what give me problems but as far as the fusions, I am not sorry I had them done.
There comes a time when you know it is time for surgery and believe me, I was there.
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