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Re: DIAGNOSIS: Ligament Rupture--Help

Originally, it was stabbing "hot" pain from a bulging disc that referred out to my entire lower back but the primary symptoms for the longest time have been extreme stiffness and a deep ache at the base of my spine. I have to change position constantly because prolonged sitting, standing, etc. worsen the pain. The pain has receded to the left-center part of my lower lumbosacral region but it is continuous but "tolerable," as the doctors say.

Origin of pain? Probably ruptured ligaments that led to bulging disc (L5-S1) that then receded but now I probably have DDD. This is all guess work. My pain is, as they say, "somatic" or nociceptive (sp?), not radicular which means they don't usually operate partly because they can't determine the origin of the pain. Besides, there isn't much that can be done for ligament ruptures, or so they say.... Damn doctors. Excuse my language.

Maybe Botox? I've tried everything else, you name it...