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Re: I'm not a virgin, and afraid of my parents...

Well, the other girls are right. No one will be able to tell your not a virgin. I never bled the first time that I had sex. I suppose it was because I used tampons. So, you can always use that excuse.

Second, I believe in picking your own parteners, not my parents picking them. If you love that spanish guy and he treats you well. Forget your parents. I know that's mean and easy for me to say. But that is what I would do. I am the one that has to spend my life with him, not my parents. I mean, if it means that much to you, why are you with him now? Your both developing more feelings for each other as time goes on and it will be harder to break it off later. So you have to choose. Do you follow what your parents want? Or do you follow what you want?