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Unhappy New Here & Desperate!

I'm new here, and my arthritis (type unknown/sketchy at best at this time)
is SO not under control.. it came on VERY suddenly one morning just after beginning college--and is getting MUCH worse, very quickly..
I'm borderline incapacitated!

I'm only 35, and I developed arthritis, overnight--basically.
My rh factor was neg. but my sed rate was 50, doctor said this was normal for osteoarthritis, does this sound accurate?

Are there any other knee joint pain symptoms in other illnesses?

This *doctor*... when I called up last week to tell her the pain was at times becoming intolerable, and asked her if I could increase my anti-infl. med--I think it's called naproxyn--she said no; said I'm on the max dose.. I said to the nurse, well is there something more potent, that is non-narcotic--her only reply was--doc said to STAY ON THE MED SHE PRESCRIBED--

I said to her, I attend the university in moorhead, and I didn't pay for on campus parking to save money--(I developed the arthritis VERY suddenly, only five days after beginning college) and told her I, on some days end up having to walk a mile, or a bit more than that, and the pain is EXCRUCIATING... she said, WHY would you do that?

OMG... do I have a choice??

She obviously either doesn't believe the pain I'm expressing, OR.... doesn't care.. or isn't thinking my entire dilemma through.
Why would she ask 'why are you doing that'????

Because, college has been a lifelong dream, and NOT about to give that up for ANYTHING.

But does she offer a handicap sticker/hanger??

Sorry, this post probably sounds extremely hostile, well, that's because I'm NOW, feeling hostile!
I never knew a doc could be so insensitive, or unhelpful in SUCH a painful state!!!

The pain is getting at least 10% worse, everyday, right now.
I'm feeling more helpless that I have in all of my 35 years.
I'm getting more depressed, than I have ever been.
Hopeless, yeah, all the major depression symptoms, and yes, I'm on medication for it.. doc just switched meds--to see if I can be lifted up on another one.

Also... for a couple of years now, I have had nodules in my leg muscles about the size, welll.. between a pea and a lima bean..
Very painful when pressed on.
Is this something that correlates with a certain type of arthritis?

My doc also refuses to actually pursue further testing, to pinpoint the exact type of arthritis I have--

Is a sed. rate of 50 typical of osteo?

This message was comprised of several cuts and pastes from several of my 'help call' messages on aol and here-
I haven't read it through again, so if there is duplicacy in what I've said, I apologize-
I'm extremely depressed, and in a lot of pain, therefore, it's hard to repeatedly retype my dilemma.
Thank you for reading, and any advice/info is GREATLY appreciated!

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