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Red face Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

Hi guys! I've been having that fuzzy head feeling for about a year now. It usually happens when I get up from setting or laying down. I thought I was getting up too fast, but these days I don't move fast! I had been having pains in my left arm also extreme pressure in my upper back. I finally went to the so called doctor. I explained all of my symptoms but because I also have extreme heartburn everytime I eat or drink anything, she told me it was more of a stomach problem than a heart problem. I was concerned about my blood pressure, it was 140/90. I can lay down at night and have these waves of pressure and deafness that seem to be in my head. I told her about this also, but she said people don't know when they have high blood pressure. There are no symptoms. What causes the fuzzy pressure in my head? Do you think lack of estrogen can cause this? I had a TAH last Nov. and I'm not able to take HRT. I would really appreaciate any insight on this. Thanks!