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Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

Elevated blood pressure (unless very dangerously high) will not cause symptoms. 140/90 would not explain your head pressure symptoms.
Need a little info-
Are you taking blood pressure meds?
Was the 140/90 the # you got at the doctor's office?
If it's normal at home (do you monitor it yourself?) the 140/90 could have been a temporary spike known as "white-coat" hypertension, due to the anxiety of being in a doc's office. If your BP is usually 140/90 it needs to come down...but again, this elevation is not enough to cause symptoms.
The dizziness you feel when you change positions could be benign positional orthostatic hypotension, where your BP suddenly falls a bit too low and then in theory once you have settled into the new position, should right itself.
Are you saying that the sensation of fuzziness/head pressure continues even after you've "settled"?
Also did the doc give you anything for your persistant heartburn? This should be investigated thoroughly. Has she run any tests or referred you to a gastroenterologist?

Forgive me, but what is a TAH?

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