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Exclamation Ogley Eyed Men!!

Hi this question is from a friend and she is wanting input off men or women who it happens to. Ive tried explaining why men look at other women but what really nags her is he constantly does this! When shes out in the car with him etc he stares at anything half presentable until they pass by! It dont matter that shes with him he Still does it!! Shes really upset over this and has confronted him and he tells her shes imaging things! Thing is l went out with them 1 day and seen it for myself! So she aint imagining it lve tried telling her men are visual creatues etc but she cannot understand why he has to ogle them all the way past so much that the 'women' know hes staring and the women give him the eyes back! ! I think its a bit ignorant of him and esp. the other woman! cmon sisterhood! Can l have some input so l can email her this page please ps she has been with 14 years. Thank you

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