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Re: Ogley Eyed Men!!

Originally Posted by hhsix
This guy is more than "reading the menu" he's being downright rude. There's no excuse for actually turning his head to look at other women until he's all the way past them in front of the woman he's supposed to love.

I think it's disgusting.

I know people will look, but there is a thing called tact & he needs to develop some.
What did Ann Landers used to say when she goofed? I was out to lunch, or something like that.

Yes, I agree fully. If the guy is making an effort to swivel his head so as to "make eyes" at some dolly, then that is rude and uncaring. If they are walking by in front of the car, he can look. If leans forward, puts his head out the window, bumps his chin against the steering wheel, etc., to look or get a better view, I would say get rid of this idiot.

I wish I could remember what Ann Landers used to say because I would say it. Thanks.