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Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

[QUOTE=zuzu8]FUZ- When I was in my mid-thirties, I went through a couple of years of feeling lightheaded, "dizzy-ish", just weird.
I felt not "grounded", unsteady, even though my gait was perfect. I always felt "tippy", like I MIGHT lose my balance, but never did.
One of the best descriptions I could come up with was a feeling of "sea-legs", as if I'd just stepped off a boat. The earth seemed to be moving underneath me inappropriately.
Regular doc ran a battery of tests, all bloods and urine normal. Neurologist gave me a thorough work-up and found all systems A-Okay.
I had a brain scan and tomographies of my inner ear...eveything normal.
The sensations alone made me fearful and anxious and exacerbated everything.
It was a vicious cycle. The sensations lead to fear which lead to more feelings of "tippiness" which lead to even more anxiety and on and on.

Low doses of tranquillizers helped and I also saw a therapist for a while who helped calm me enormously, because by this time I was sure I had some occult disease that everyone had missed. Along the way, I discovered I had some pretty important issues in my life that I was avoiding which I really hadn't been aware of.


Oh my lord,

This is what is wrong with me!! its so frightening! may I ask did you actually feel like your balance was off and like to steady yourself. I get that same the ground is moving thing too under my feet - its so scary!! I can get myself all into a state and I am at the stage where I dont want to go out incase it gets worse. I have also had this vile feeling that i am going to pass ot but never do. Like you I am so SCARED of the symptoms I am in a vicious cycle too. i am seeing a neuro this month and am praying for some answers. i have had an mri which is fine. I have had a posturograph tests too which shows that my balance is not normal for my age and indicates some inner ear issue. But its weird my symptoms are there 24/7 were yours? and did you find that they vary in intensity? how did you feel if you stood still? could you feel movement?So funny bout the occult disease that is sooooo where I am at with this deal. Did it make you nervous to walk and all? its funny I look perfect but feel like hell.
My life feels like one massive - I cannot do that ot go out or function as I feel so strange!!!!!!!