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Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

This is what is wrong with me!! its so frightening! may I ask did you actually feel like your balance was off and like to steady yourself.
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HI!- Yes, I felt my balance was off but I actually walked and stood well. It was a feeling rather than an objective finding by the docs. Sometimes I felt worse when I had to lean over a sink to wash my face or brush my teeth. I remember splaying my legs apart to give me a sense of better balance.
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i am seeing a neuro this month and am praying for some answers.
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The neuro will hopefully find out more or actually tell you you are fine physically and that this may be an emotional issue.
It's good your MRI was fine...that rules out tumor and an acoustic neuroma (a tumor that affects the vestibular system).

Yes, sometimes all my sensations would vary in intensity from day to day...but I never felt totally okay. If I stood still, or just sat still, I continued to have the sensation of weird my body was moving without me doing it.
Like you, I was afraid to go out sometimes, especially alone, for fear of falling or having a REAL spell of vertigo (which by the way never happened.) But the fear was awful and I limited myself a lot. I was taking WAY to much valium to overcome the fear and most probably making things worse in the long run.

After thousands of dollars and all those scans and tests and neurologists and ENT docs, the last neurologist I saw said to me: "You're fine, you're healthy..we can't find ANYTHING anatomically or physically wrong with you. Stop smoking, get some good therapy and stay away from doctors!"

Which I did!

Over time, all my sensations started to dissipate and eventually disappeared completely.
If you have an inner ear problem, hopefully the neurologist will be able to figure out why and then know accordingly, what to do.

Good luck!
zuzu xx