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Re: CoQ 10 question?

Originally Posted by AusiJulie
Will CoQ10 lower high blood pressure and cholesterol (240)? Recently my blood pressure has been averaging 140/90 and my dr. put me on medication,Toprol XL. I'm not very happy about meds being the first choice for treatment. I plan to loose 10 lbs., walk, and get off the pills. I was wondering if CoQ10 would help me lower my BP naturally, or if would interfere with the Toprol XL. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
What helps BP is foods that contain high levels of potasium (bananas, some yogurts, orange juice) and magnesium (wheat germ is the highest). Do a search on foods high in potasium and magnesium. I've taken CQ10 for 3 years and it has not made a difference in my cholesterol which has never been below 240. I'm now taking policosanol, aged garlic & grapefruit pectin to see if this will help and have greatly reduced foods containing saturated fats. I would also not be pleased about taking medication. I plan to continue with natural remedies.