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Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

Hi ZuZu,

Gosh I would be delighted if this could be my outcome!! I would be so happy!!

Its so strange that you say that leaning over to do jobs like brushing your teeth would make it worse - OH ME TOO!!!!!!!

Like you I splay my stance and will even hold onto things like the wall or door to feel more stable.

The thing is that I really really do feel that my balance is off! tell me did it put you off going for walks and things? Like you I look 'JUST FINE'.

I do also get dizzy spells through out the day which are usually pretty brief.

As you have had the tests that I have/am about to have I guess you found this problem as annoying as I do!

Like you my symptoms vary sometimes I think they r hardly there and then wham they are horrendous. When they are really bad it makes me feel like I am going to pass out. I don't - surprise surprise - but it scares me sooo bad and I wind up thinking this is serious and if not serious - never ever ending.

Its been great to hear from you! Thank You!

Tell me did u have the posturography test done? which measures body sway when standing? could you do all the heel toe tests with no problem? di you find the dark made it worse? and my last question if it scared you when you were out did it ever make you feel like you were bouncing all over the place and walking on marshmallows? thanks again!! Oh and last last question did it make u dizzy and lightheaded ever - I get a weird buzzy feeling in my head too.