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Re: weird, fuzzy, disoriented,light-headed, dizzy

FUZ- I'm glad some of the info I posted helps a little. Dizziness (and all the "sensations" that fall under that one banner) are so frightening and limit people's lives so much until they are diagnosed and treated appropriately. Or of course, often no treatment is necessary and it all simply goes away by itself eventually.

The fact that yours comes and goes is a certainly a good sign that, while awful to deal with, is probably not due to some life-threatening disorder. The rule of thumb when it comes to truly serious illness (like a brain tumor, which I'm sure went through your mind more than once!) is that eventually other symptoms present themselves. Things get worse over time. They do not wax and wane. And "time" is a good clue as to whether it's serious or not. The LONGER one has the SAME symptom with nothing else emerging, the less likely it is to be something catastrophic! (Have I just repeated myself all in one paragraph???!!!)

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