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Re: The FLU! ahhhh!

Originally Posted by Jeny206
I just got over what Im pretty sure was the flu. It has been going around and I've most certainly been exposed to it. I'm finally feeling better today after a nice 6 days down with fever, etc. Oh and by the way, I did get a flu shot about three weeks before. Anyway, now that im feeling better, there is something else going on. I have an incredible discomfort in my chest/lungs, Im short of breath, and have had a productive cough since the first day I became sick. I do have mild asthma and unfortunatly my inhaler hasn't been helping me. I was just wondering if anyone else could help offer advice on whether this is normal, a complication from the flu, or anything else really. Thanks.


Since the flu itself doesn't actually kill you it is the complications that can result is what makes the flu deadly. Pneumonia is the deadliest complication so have it checked out so you can get on antibiotics if needed. Also, since Ihave mild asthma also, it could have flared up your asthma as well but a Dr should decide that simply because if it is pneumonia you need antibiotics real fast.