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Re: Steve -- what to do?

If you guys are in class together, then chances are, classes are almost over. It seems to me that he's afraid of losing touch after class ends. This said, I think he's interested, or else he wouldn't have given you his number (well, that and he thinks you're beautiful, smart, and funny.. complements don't get better than that). Also, at this point, I think he just wants to get to know you a tad better and talk about this situation in order to identify where he stands with his apprehension.

Also, if he's hesitant on asking you out, he's probably going to want things to move at a slower pace --even as we speak! Don't over-call. Give it a few days before you contact him again (perhaps over the weekend). Who knows, by that time maybe he could've already found some time in his busy schedule to call you.