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Re: Steve -- what to do?

Originally Posted by tropicalfish
Also, if he's hesitant on asking you out, he's probably going to want things to move at a slower pace --even as we speak! Don't over-call. Give it a few days before you contact him again (perhaps over the weekend). Who knows, by that time maybe he could've already found some time in his busy schedule to call you.
That's what I was thinking.. about giving him the weekend w\o me calling (if he calls, then I will be more then surprised.. he never uses the phone either) And then, just talk to him about it on Monday. Thx!

Originally Posted by Want 2 B Well
I would give him some space. He cares for you but not in the way you want right now.
As much as I want him to care for me right now, in the same way I already care for him.. that sounds good.

Thx for the great reply's guys... they are really helpful, especially since I'm taking a hard fall for this guy.

Any more are very welcomed
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