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Re: The FLU! ahhhh!

Originally Posted by dagmarharris
HI I am new here. I am Dagmar. I also have pretty much what you describe. I joined this site because I am concerned about my flu/cough. I have had the lingering cough for a month! So two weeks ago the dr. wouldn't give me antibiotics. My flem is clear and my lungs clear. Now this weekend I got a fever on Friday and stuffy all over again. I am going to the dr. and hope I will get antibiotics. Can you describe to me if your flem is clear? I especially cough when I exhale. Is this also with you? And laughing even makes me cough!!
Hope to hear if your story is similar, I have no fever yesterday or today. But cough is the same.
dagmar harris
p.s. can you describe the shortness of breath. I don't have that...but what is it like? Do you cough more when you lie down?

Sorry for the grossness, but no, my flem has a yellowish tint and tends to be rather thick. If I take a deep breath I will start coughing and yeah, laughing also brings on the cough. The shortness of breath is like a feeling that you arent getting enough air when you are breathing in. It can get sort of frustrating but it seems like its getting better. And yes, it seems like I need to cough more when I am lying down or in a resting position. Hope this helped and hope you feel better.