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Re: The FLU! ahhhh!

Originally Posted by dagmarharris
I am not prone to bronchitis. I never had it before. My mom would get it..but I am not that type.
I did find out today that of all the four people I work with in the same classroom, we are all out sick!
I seem to have this for the longest.

I guess what upset me tonight is I was talking to a friend on the phone...and I had a coughing fit. I had to get off the phone...put the shower on....slap the mentoletum on the chest...and then down some cough syrup. I have tried to research coughing fits...on the internet.. I guess it is very scary for me. It feels like you can't breath, and you cough so hard you almost throw up. Then all you want is to get it to stop. It starts with a tickle....and goes nuts!!!
I would be so embarassed if this happen in public!!! Any suggestions that others do to deal with this?
I've never tried nyquil and lots of people swear by it, let me know how it works, at least you have the prescription in case it doesn't do it for you. I know with the codiene, I don't wake up til morning and I'm one of these people who wake up several times a night anyway. Sometimes I take it even if I have no cold etc just to get a good nights sleep.